jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

Critic to reason (argumentation) and circular fallacies

If you say that “you can proof anything with reasonable arguments”, and if you don’t accept circular arguments as valid, how can you reasonable say that “you can proof anything with reasonable arguments”.

In other words: how can you reasonably proof reason? If you don’t accept circular arguments.
At some point you would have to denied this non circular arguments principle. And accept that the only thing to be denied is that which does not have sense to be. Or you will have to think about reason as something more fundamental, as a synonym of being or living.

Then you will more synchronize with the truth or you will reason farther by using this word reason as it ought to be use. Or by not denying that which ought to be denied. By recognizing the truth, you can recognize the truth or use the truth. In a more fundamental way you are the truth. 

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  1. They have not fly to far because they will not leave reason fly as it should fly.