domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016

The Fountainhead (film) - Google zoeken

  • This film shows the struggle of an artist, in this case the architect who wants to leave his mark in the world. It is about self-determination, alieniation of the mob culture, confidence and non-physical heritage. With the last I mean that the architect is not only aiming a physical heritage (the building of his projects), but he is also aiming to an idea of the style that architects should take into account in the evolution of architecture as an art.

    Philosophically, I will call for this trascendence of the artistic work as one of the basic human needs, it has a place among love, health, and resources; It is the place of dreams and ideals. *read introspection of basic human needs

    This film was presented in one of my classes in the itesm andit was very insipiring. Not as classes from other professors like Agustin Landa, but as an idea of how sometimes architect as any artist has to struggle for the trascendence of his artistic work.

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