jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

The Searching of The Mistake

When trying to search the big mistakes, maybe my biggest mistakes or even trying to search the smallest mistakes; I did not find anything. I rather found things, things that could be better done, things that could change. Because on the searching of mistakes I found that I cannot totally control the course of life itself. I could only try my best.

Maybe the only mistake could be to not really try. But even when I did not really tried I found nothing to regret nothing to feel bad of. Instead I only found an opportunity to make it better.  That very best that only in our greatest knowledge and maturation we can find.

What are people besides of what they really are. What they really care, what they really do. Watching into myself let me be aware of what we really are. To put things on a balanced, really judging myself to judge someone else. Only the people who really try can recognized someone who is really trying. Only after really passing through the self-recognition measure of ourselves could be expect to recognize each other. I realized is easy to judge the little things the smallest decisions but the problems get bigger as the challenged get bigger too. And is only trying when we get to know the true.  Is when risking the great things when we earn the greatest satisfactions. 

We are bones and flesh but also brains and mind even the smallest thing in life can keep a truly meaning and the greatest thing hide a false joy. But rather to measure things by the accumulation of meters or the force of the earth pull them to his center, I measure things in knowing how difficult is to me to accomplish them, leaving behind the days of the playful childhood or the freedom of youth and live life as it is. Grasping it not only against our body but against our soul. Nothing great comes from the commonly accomplished things of life, but rather the difficult moments those that only each other in their own knows, those that we should rather avoid and missed them rather than embraced them. 

No problem is to be hide because mistakes rather to be consider as falling or tremble should be considered as opportunities to make things better. Every moment we  hide we avoid them we let them apart of our life's we leave also the joy of embraced them. Leaving away valued moments trying to change the really fact of what we enjoy en what make us truly happy.

Is not easy to live but it is more difficult not to live, it is actually impossible. Although sometimes we get really expert on “not to live”, on avoiding and missing valued moments. 

When I tried to search again for my mistakes I only came back to see what really is making me who I am. I enjoyed the "mistakes" I have made because I learn from them. I have left them behind because I embraced them when they came to me and I accomplished them when I felt the joy of leaving them behind. This are the things that I have done in my life, things that only I really recognized but that those who has also experienced the fight of living also recognized them. And yet I don't live to comfort me on what I have done I enjoy the fact of what is coming for the future. Always, always being hopeful of accomplished the challenge of live, accomplish the challenge of Living my life as it is. And Always always knowing that if, if I try If I really try I know I will be happy. 

This is my story, only to be really enjoy when your read it in the context of your story. I don't need to know what is in it, because I always know behind every single face there is a story. There is person, there is life, there is a lived life that made them what they are and a life to be lived that made them what they want to be. Don't judge out of the context of judging ourselves and know every time we judge the "mistakes" from us or from others every time we take a great load on ourselves and if we do it right we can truly say I judge because I have being judge by myself. Only the person who really try recognized the person who is really trying ...

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